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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Sinful Gladiator's Plate Warboots
19560Feet Plate
Sinful Gladiator's Plate Wargreaves
19560Legs Plate
Sinful Gladiator's Plate Wristguards
19560Wrists Plate
Sinful Gladiator's Ring
19560Finger Finger
Sinful Gladiator's Shield
19560Off Hand Shield
Sinful Gladiator's Signet
19560Finger Finger
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Amice
19560Shoulders Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Armbands
19560Wrists Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Belt
19560Waist Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Cord
19560Waist Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Gloves
19560Hands Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Guise
19560Head Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Handwraps
19560Hands Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Hood
19560Head Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Leggings
19560Legs Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Mantle
19560Shoulders Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Robe
19560Chest Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Slippers
19560Feet Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Treads
19560Feet Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Trousers
19560Legs Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Vestments
19560Chest Cloth
Sinful Gladiator's Silk Wristwraps
19560Wrists Cloth
zzzRated - Cloth Cord
19560Waist Food & Drink
zzzRated - Cloth Gloves
19560Hands Food & Drink
zzzRated - Cloth Hood
19560Head Food & Drink
zzzRated - Cloth Leggings
19560Legs Food & Drink
zzzRated - Cloth Mantle
19560Shoulders Food & Drink
zzzRated - Cloth Robe
19560Chest Food & Drink
zzzRated - Cloth Treads
19560Feet Food & Drink
zzzRated - Cloth Wristwraps
19560Wrists Food & Drink
zzzRated - Leather Belt
19560Waist Waist
zzzRated - Leather Boots
19560Feet Waist
zzzRated - Leather Breeches
19560Legs Waist
zzzRated - Leather Gloves
19560Hands Waist
zzzRated - Leather Helm
19560Head Waist
zzzRated - Leather Spaulders
19560Shoulders Waist
zzzRated - Leather Vest
19560Chest Waist
zzzRated - Leather Wristwraps
19560Wrists Waist
zzzRated - Mail Belt
19560Waist Shield
zzzRated - Mail Gauntlets
19560Hands Shield
zzzRated - Mail Helm
19560Head Shield
zzzRated - Mail Leggings
19560Legs Shield
zzzRated - Mail Monnion
19560Shoulders Shield
zzzRated - Mail Sabatons
19560Feet Shield
zzzRated - Mail Vest
19560Chest Shield
zzzRated - Mail Wristwraps
19560Wrists Shield
zzzRated - Plate Chestplate
19560Chest Leather
zzzRated - Plate Gauntlets
19560Hands Leather
zzzRated - Plate Girdle
19560Waist Leather
zzzRated - Plate Helm
19560Head Leather
zzzRated - Plate Legguards
19560Legs Leather
zzzRated - Plate Shoulders
19560Shoulders Leather
zzzRated - Plate Warboots
19560Feet Leather
zzzRated - Plate Wristwraps
19560Wrists Leather
zzzRated - Weapon - Offhand
19560Off Hand Mount
zzzRated - Weapon - Shield
19560Off Hand Quest
Sinful Gladiator's Medallion
19560Trinket Trinket
Sinful Gladiator's Relentless Brooch
19560Trinket Trinket
Sinful Gladiator's Sigil of Adaptation
19560Trinket Trinket
Acolyte's Velvet Bindings
18760Wrists Cloth
Ardent Sunstar Signet
18760Finger Finger
Bangles of Errant Pride
18760Wrists Mail
Barkweave Wristwraps
18760Wrists Leather
Binding of Warped Desires
18760Waist Plate
Bleakwing Assassin's Grips
18760Hands Leather
Breastplate of Cautious Calculation
18760Chest Plate
Castellan's Chainlink Grips
18760Hands Mail
Ceremonial Parade Legguards
18760Legs Plate
Charm of Eternal Winter
18760Neck Neck
Chiropteran Leggings
18760Legs Leather
Cinch of Infinite Tightness
18760Waist Cloth
Colossal Plate Gauntlets
18760Hands Plate
Confidant's Favored Cap
18760Head Cloth
Consumptive Chainmail Carapace
18760Chest Mail
Corset of the Deft Duelist
18760Chest Leather
Courtier's Costume Trousers
18760Legs Cloth
Cowled Batwing Cloak
18760Back Back
Crest of the Legionnaire General
18760Back Back
Diadem of Imperious Desire
18760Head Plate
Double-Chained Utility Belt
18760Waist Mail
Enchanted Toe-Tappers
18760Feet Leather
Endlessly Gluttonous Greaves
18760Legs Plate
Epaulettes of Overwhelming Force
18760Shoulders Plate
Errant Crusader's Greaves
18760Feet Plate
Fallen Templar's Gauntlets
18760Hands Plate
Gloves of Phantom Shadows
18760Hands Leather
Greaves of Enigmatic Energies
18760Legs Mail
Grim Pursuant's Maille
18760Wrists Cloth
Heedless Pugilist's Harness
18760Waist Leather
Hellhound Cuffs
18760Wrists Plate
Helm of Insatiable Appetite
18760Head Mail
High Torturer's Smock
18760Chest Cloth
Hyperlight Band
18760Finger Finger
Impossibly Oversized Mitts
18760Hands Cloth
Leggings of Lethal Reverberations
18760Legs Cloth
Legionnaire's Bloodstained Sabotons
18760Feet Mail
Load-Bearing Belt
18760Waist Mail
Mantle of Manifest Sins
18760Back Back
Master Huntsman's Bandolier
18760Chest Mail
Memento-Laden Cuisses
18760Legs Mail