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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Traveler's Bracers
2822Wrists Leather
Traveler's Cloak
2821Back Back
Traveler's Gloves
2822Hands Leather
Traveler's Helm
2923Head Leather
Traveler's Jerkin
2923Chest Leather
Traveler's Leggings
2923Legs Leather
Traveler's Spaulders
2923Shoulders Leather
Travel-Worn Shawl
44Back Back
Travel-Worn Shawl
44Back Back
Trawley's Gloves
19Hands Plate
Treacherous Boots
11Feet Mail
Treacherous Treads
11Feet Leather
Tread-Bind Spaulders
36Shoulders Cloth
Treads of Banshee Bells
22Feet Leather
Treads of Bound Life
34Feet Mail
Treads of Decapod Death
35Feet Leather
Treads of Dependability
35Feet Cloth
Treads of Dependability
35Feet Cloth
Treads of Red Waters
6Feet Mail
Treads of Renewed Growth
21Feet Mail
Treads of Seven Sacred Seals
110Feet Leather
Treads of the Barbed Assassin
110Feet Leather
Treads of the Burning Scroll
110Feet Cloth
Treads of the Charred Canyon
33Feet Cloth
Treads of the Chromatic Hydra
110Feet Cloth
Treads of the Common Man
36Feet Plate
Treads of the Dreamwolf
35Feet Mail
Treads of the Exorcist
110Feet Cloth
Treads of the Haunted Forest
110Feet Leather
Treads of the Horned Nightmare
110Feet Cloth
Treads of the Seeker
18Feet Leather
Treads of the Sepulcher
6Feet Plate
Treads of the Shattered Vale
110Feet Leather
Treads of the Skirmisher
21Feet Mail
Treads of the Starry Obelisk
36Feet Mail
Treads of the Survivor
5Feet Cloth
Treads of the Ternion Glory
110Feet Cloth
Treads of the Thousandfold Blades
110Feet Leather
Treads of the Thousandfold Hells
110Feet Cloth
Treads of the True Plan
9Feet Plate
Treads of Unforgotten Pain
17Feet Plate
Treads of Youth
22Feet Mail
Treant-Bark Shoes
27Feet Mail
Treaty Breaker Gloves
10Hands Cloth
Tree Ring Band
25Finger Finger
Tree Warden's Belt
31Waist Leather
Treebole's Hoop
31Finger Finger
Treegrip Pants
35Legs Leather
Treetender Tunic
5Chest Mail
Trelane's Leggings
17Legs Cloth
Trellised Cord
3833Waist Cloth
Trellised Cowl
3833Head Cloth
Trellised Handwraps
3833Hands Cloth
Trellised Leggings
3833Legs Cloth
Trellised Robe
3833Chest Cloth
Trellised Sandals
3833Feet Cloth
Trellised Shoulderpads
3833Shoulders Cloth
Trellised Wristwraps
3833Wrists Cloth
Trembling Mightstone Drape
5040Back Back
Trep's Shoulderguards
31Shoulders Leather
Tribal Chestguard
32Chest Leather
Tribal Hauberk
30Chest Mail
Tribal Pants
63Legs Leather
Tribal Unification Cloak
5040Back Back
Tribal Vest
64Chest Leather
Tribal Worg Helm
1912Head Leather
Trickster's Bindings
2114Wrists Leather
Trickster's Boots
2214Feet Leather
Trickster's Cloak
2113Back Back
Trickster's Handwraps
2114Hands Leather
Trickster's Headdress
2316Head Leather
Trickster's Leggings
2215Legs Leather
Trickster's Pauldrons
2214Shoulders Leather
Trickster's Protector
2214Off Hand Shield
Trickster's Sash
2114Waist Leather
Trickster's Vest
2215Chest Leather
Triggerfish Girdle
35Waist Leather
Triumphant Bracers
2923Wrists Mail
Triumphant Chestpiece
2925Chest Mail
Triumphant Cloak
2822Back Back
Triumphant Gauntlets
2924Hands Mail
Triumphant Girdle
2923Waist Mail
Triumphant Legplates
2924Legs Mail
Triumphant Sabatons
2924Feet Mail
Triumphant Shield
2925Off Hand Shield
Triumphant Shoulder Pads
2924Shoulders Mail
Triumphant Skullcap
2924Head Mail
Trogg Kickers
6Feet Leather
Trogg Stompers
6Feet Mail
Troggbane Chestguard
36Chest Mail
Troggbreaker Shoulderpads
36Shoulders Leather
Trogg-Slayer Boots
6Feet Cloth
Troggzor's Crystalline Plate
36Chest Plate
Troll Handler Gloves
6Hands Cloth
Troll Kickers
10Feet Plate
Troll Kickers
10Feet Cloth
Troll Kickers
10Feet Leather
Troll Kickers
10Feet Mail
Tromping Miner's Boots
2215Feet Leather
Trophy-Taker Bracers
36Wrists Cloth