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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Troteman's Bracers
10Wrists Plate
Troublesome Gloves
7Hands Leather
Troublesome Grips
7Hands Mail
Trouncing Boots
1912Feet Mail
Trousers of Desperate Measures
6Legs Mail
Trousers of the Burning Scroll
110Legs Cloth
Trousers of the Chromatic Hydra
110Legs Cloth
Trousers of the Exorcist
110Legs Cloth
Trousers of the Horned Nightmare
110Legs Cloth
Trousers of the Ternion Glory
110Legs Cloth
Trousers of the Thousandfold Hells
110Legs Cloth
Trousers of Turning Fortune
5Legs Mail
True Beacon Shoulderplates
35Shoulders Plate
True Beacon Shoulderplates
35Shoulders Plate
Truefaith Gloves
1811Hands Cloth
Truesilver Healing Ring
2519Finger Finger
50Trinket Trinket
Trustworthy Cowl
36Head Cloth
Tsul'kalu's Strikers
16Hands Plate
Tsunami Belt
3630Waist Mail
Tsunami Boots
3530Feet Mail
Tsunami Bracers
3630Wrists Mail
Tsunami Gloves
3631Hands Mail
Tsunami Helm
3631Head Mail
Tsunami Leggings
3631Legs Mail
Tubbins Teapot Fire Mitts
8548Hands Cloth
Tundra Boots
18Feet Leather
Tundra Necklace
1912Neck Neck
Tundra Ring
1912Finger Finger
Tundrastrider Boots
32Feet Mail
Tundrastrider Coif
32Head Mail
Tundrastrider Ringmail
32Chest Mail
Tunic of Ashes
17Chest Mail
Tunic of Dark Leather
5Chest Leather
Tunic of Seven Sacred Seals
1Chest Leather
Tunic of Soaring Safety
35Chest Leather
Tunic of the Barbed Assassin
1Chest Leather
Tunic of the Haunted Forest
1Chest Leather
Tunic of the Nightmare Rift
19Chest Mail
Tunic of the Rectified Thane
33Chest Leather
Tunic of the Shattered Vale
1Chest Leather
Tunic of the Shattered Vale
1Chest Leather
Tunic of the Thousandfold Blades
1Chest Leather
Tunic of the Witch Doctor
1Chest Mail
Turquoise Brooch
3126Neck Neck
Turquoise Sash
28Waist Cloth
Turtle Scale Bracers
2316Wrists Mail
Turtle Scale Breastplate
2316Chest Mail
Turtle Scale Gloves
2215Hands Mail
Turtle Scale Helm
2418Head Mail
Turtle Scale Leggings
2518Legs Mail
Tushui Tabard
1Tabard Tabard
Tuskarr Spirit Shawl
200Back Back
Tutor's Cloak
26Back Back
Tuurik Torch
3227Off Hand Off Hand
Tuxedo Shirt
1Shirt Shirt
T'veen's Cloak
5Back Back
Twilight Armor
2215Chest Cloth
Twilight Belt
2113Waist Cloth
Twilight Boots
2114Feet Cloth
Twilight Cape
2013Back Back
Twilight Cowl
2114Head Cloth
Twilight Cuffs
2113Wrists Cloth
Twilight Dragon's Armplates
6050Wrists Plate
Twilight Dragon's Breastplate
6050Chest Plate
Twilight Dragon's Crushers
6050Hands Plate
Twilight Dragon's Greatbelt
6050Waist Plate
Twilight Dragon's Helm
6050Head Plate
Twilight Dragon's Legplates
6050Legs Plate
Twilight Dragon's Pauldrons
6050Shoulders Plate
Twilight Dragon's Warboots
6050Feet Plate
Twilight Gloves
2114Hands Cloth
Twilight Mantle
2114Shoulders Cloth
Twilight Orb
2215Off Hand Off Hand
Twilight Pants
2214Legs Cloth
Twilight Robe
2215Chest Cloth
Twin Moon Shoulderguards
31Shoulders Leather
Twisted Elemental Focus
44Trinket Trinket
Twisted Leather Belt
200Waist Leather
Twisted Leather Bindings
200Wrists Leather
Twisted Leather Breeches
200Legs Leather
Twisted Leather Moccasins
200Feet Leather
Twisted Leather Spaulders
200Shoulders Leather
Twisted Leather Vest
200Chest Leather
Twisted Leggings
21Legs Cloth
Twisted-Ritualist's Shawl
5040Back Back
Twizzlefixxit's Vest
22Chest Cloth
Tyrant's Armguards
2317Wrists Plate
Tyrant's Belt
2317Waist Plate
Tyrant's Chestpiece
2519Chest Plate
Tyrant's Epaulets
2417Shoulders Plate
Tyrant's Gauntlets
2417Hands Plate
Tyrant's Greaves
2417Feet Plate
Tyrant's Helm
2418Head Plate
Tyrant's Legplates
2518Legs Plate
Tyrant's Shield
2519Off Hand Shield
Tysha's Chestguard
6Chest Leather
Ulduar Bracers
3429Wrists Mail
Ulduar Breastplate
3429Chest Mail
Ulduar Gauntlets
3429Hands Mail