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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Runic Darkblade
192.83.60Two HandUnobtainable Two-handed Sword
Scepter of Naralex
191.13.60One Hand The Nightmare Scar One-handed Mace
Seraph's Strike
192.83.60Two Hand Two-handed Sword
Shoni's Disarming Tool
192.12.60One HandUnobtainable One-handed Axe
Talon Axe
192.12.60One Hand Razorbeak Friends One-handed Axe
Talon Hatchet
192.12.60One HandQuest One-handed Axe
The Tranquilizer
192.83.60Two Hand Calming the Kodo Two-handed Sword
Unkeeper Blade
192.11.80One Hand Hunt the Keeper Dagger
Unkeeper Blade
192.11.80One Hand Hunt the Keeper Dagger
Vile Branch
192.83.60Two Hand Faces of Evil Staff
Vile Branch
192.83.60Two Hand Faces of Evil Staff
Voice Stealer
192.83.00Ranged Thornar Thunderclash Crossbow
Wand of Oomph
191.12.00Ranged Prime Slime Wand
Bangalash's Claw
181.91.80One Hand Big Game Hunter Dagger
Gravestone Scepter
181.02.00Ranged Wand
Master Hunter's Rifle
182.53.00Ranged Big Game Hunter Gun
Outlaw Sabre
181.92.60One HandUnobtainable, Quest One-handed Sword
Riot Stick
181.33.60Two HandQuest Staff
Assassin Assassinator
181.91.80One Hand Is This Thing On? Dagger
Barus' Backup Sword
182.53.60Two Hand Bombs Away: Mirkfallon Post! Two-handed Sword
Bhag'thera's Roar
182.53.00Ranged Panther Mastery Gun
Bow of Invisible Aim
182.53.00Ranged Spy Infestation Bow
Bow of Plunder
182.53.00RangedUnobtainable Bow
Brute Hammer
182.53.60Two HandUnobtainable Two-handed Mace
Charred Wand
181.02.00Ranged Wand
Cliffrunner's Aim
182.53.00Ranged Bow
Consecrated Wand
181.02.00Ranged Wand
Crystal-Chipping Mallet
181.92.60One HandQuest One-handed Mace
Decalcified Elven Spear
182.53.60Two Hand Sunken Treasure Polearm
Devo's Handaxe
181.92.60One Hand Kobold Fury! One-handed Axe
Egg Smasher
181.92.60One Hand Brood of Seldarria One-handed Mace
Elune-Blessed Bow
182.53.00Ranged Seen Better Days Bow
Excavation Rod
181.02.00Ranged Wand
Finder's Battleaxe
182.53.60Two Hand The Karnitol Shipwreck Two-handed Axe
Folly's Spar
181.33.60Two Hand Drowned Sorrows Staff
Gan'zulah's Headchopper
182.53.60Two HandQuest Two-handed Axe
Grebo's Crossbow
182.53.00Ranged To Battlescar! Crossbow
Hammerfall Cudgel
181.92.60One Hand Guile of the Raptor One-handed Mace
Hammerfall Gavel
181.02.60One Hand Guile of the Raptor One-handed Mace
Hammerfall Mace
181.92.60One Hand Guile of the Raptor One-handed Mace
Hideaway Staff
181.33.60Two Hand Primal Reagents of Power Staff
Lunaris Bow
182.53.00Ranged Bow
Mechanic's Pipehammer
181.33.60Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Moonbeam Wand
181.02.00Ranged Wand
Paulson's Crossbow
182.53.00Ranged Is This Thing On? Crossbow
Rampaging Staff
182.53.60Two Hand To Battlescar! Staff
Shredder Arm Extension
182.53.60Two Hand Venture Company Mining Polearm
Silenced Rifle
182.53.00Ranged Wanted! Marez Cowl Gun
Sin'Dall's Femur
181.92.60One Hand Tiger Mastery One-handed Mace
Staff of First Occurrences
181.33.60Two Hand Good-Fer-Nothin' Slither-Dogs Staff
Stingshot Wand
181.02.00Ranged Wand
Stone Etcher
181.02.00Ranged Saving Yenniku Wand
Syndicate Dagger
181.91.80One Hand Wanted! Marez Cowl Dagger
Tethis' Skull
181.02.60One Hand Raptor Mastery One-handed Mace
Wand of Destructive Talent
181.02.00Ranged To Battlescar! Wand
Wand of Imagination
181.02.00Ranged The Mind's Eye Wand
Waterlogged Elven Spear
182.53.60Two Hand Sunken Treasure Polearm
Deft Stiletto
181.11.80One HandLooted Dagger
Shutter Uppers
181.70Unobtainable Thrown
Blood-Tempered Ranseur
172.33.60Two Hand Polearm
Fallen Knight's Ranseur
172.33.60Two Hand Polearm
Craig's Steel
171.71.80One Hand To Steal From Thieves Dagger
Craig's Steel
171.71.80One Hand Attack on the Tower Dagger
Fish Stunner
170.92.60One Hand BEWARE OF CRAGJAW! One-handed Mace
Grim Mace
172.33.60Two Hand To Steal From Thieves Two-handed Mace
Highland Mace
172.33.60Two Hand Attack on the Tower Two-handed Mace
Orc Crusher
172.33.60Two HandUnobtainable Two-handed Mace
Silent Huntress
172.33.00Ranged The Real Threat Bow
171.71.80One Hand The Real Threat Dagger
Talongrip Dagger
171.71.80One Hand The Queen and Her Court Dagger
Windshear Axe
171.72.60One Hand Rumble in the Lumber... Mill One-handed Axe
Axe of the Judgment Day
161.62.60One Hand The Durnholde Challenge: D-1000 One-handed Axe
Blackfathom Mace
160.82.60One Hand One-handed Mace
Discontinuer's Hammer
160.82.60One Hand The Durnholde Challenge: D-1000 One-handed Mace
Gift of the Enigmatic Tree
161.03.60Two Hand Staff
Reconditioned Archeus
162.13.60Two Hand A Daughter's Love Two-handed Sword
Refurbished Archeus
160.82.60One Hand A Daughter's Love One-handed Sword
Restored Archeus
161.62.60One Hand A Daughter's Love One-handed Sword
Saw Blade
162.13.60Two Hand Two-handed Sword
Skunkworks Sword
162.13.60Two Hand The Goblin Braintrust Two-handed Sword
Yetimus Maximus
162.13.60Two Hand Yetimus the Yeti Lord Two-handed Mace
Blade of Exotic Magic
160.82.60One Hand An Unusual Patron One-handed Sword
Demolition Hammer
162.13.60Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Emerine's Blade
160.82.60One Hand The Altar of Naias One-handed Sword
Gyromatic Axe
161.62.60One Hand Burn, Baby, Burn! One-handed Axe
162.13.60Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Icicle Rod
161.03.60Two Hand Staff
Legacy of Teronis
161.62.60One Hand True Power of the Rod One-handed Sword
161.62.60One Hand One-handed Sword
Spellcrafter Wand
160.82.00Ranged Wand
Staff of Soran'ruk
161.03.60Two Hand Staff
Stonetalon Defender's Staff
162.13.60Two Hand Commandeer That Balloon! Staff
Wand of Bought Time
160.82.00Ranged Commandeer That Balloon! Wand
Bone Fishing Pole
151.53.00Main Hand One-handed Sword
Crescent Staff
151.03.60Two HandUnobtainable Staff
151.51.80One Hand Dagger
Searching Wand
150.82.00Ranged Wand
Shadestar Mace
152.03.60Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Staff of Westfall
151.03.60Two Hand Staff
151.52.60One Hand One-handed Sword