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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
Environmental Hazard Rare

The genesaur and their botani minions are attacking caravans on the road to Talador. We'll make them rue the day they were sprouted!

92Combat3× 15 1.5 hrs450
Many-Headed Menace

Habitat changes in Gorgrond have forced hydras to encroach on draenei settlements. It is a pity, but we must kill these desperate beasts.

92Combat1 45 min300
Mother Araneae

With great risk comes great reward. Plumb the dangers of Darksting Cave in southern Gorgrond and see what you can find.

92Treasure1 60 min300
Ravenous Genesaur

The Gorgrond genesaur have overhunted in their territory and are raiding nearby draenei camps for food. Attack them and lure them away.

92Combat1× 10 60 min300

Comb the northern wastelands of Gorgond for Rolkor. Find him and defeat him for the glory of the garrison.

92Combat3× 20 10 hrs600
Breaker of the Blue Flame

Our scouts speak of a cavern in northern Gorgrond in which a strange ogron named Gelgor of the Blue Flame lies.

93Combat3× 20 10 hrs800
Elements of Surprise Rare

Our scouts spotted a group of ogre slavers gathering in Gorgrond. We cannot allow them a chance to fortify their position. Attack!

93Combat3× 15 1.5 hrs600
Great Migration

Every year, great herds of clefthoof migrate through Gorgrond, causing tremors and dust storms. We must divert them from our camp.

93Combat1 45 min400
Guinea Pigs Rare

Blackrock orcs are testing out their war machines on the region's unsuspecting fauna. This aggression will not stand!

93Combat3× 20 1.5 hrs600
It's a Jungle Out There Rare

A Steamscar saberon has been caught skulking around our walls. If we let him go, he's agreed to sell out a rival shaman who has been mapping the location of many hidden treasures.

93Exploration1× 50 4 hrs300
Little Biters

A group of goren has settled in a valuable quarry nearby. We need to get them out if we plan to use the quarry in the future.

93Combat1× 10 60 min400
Nuisance Gronnling

Gronnlings continue to interrupt our efforts to expand into Gorgrond. We need to thin their numbers if we wish to gain a foothold.

93Combat1× 10 30 min400
Ogron's Out of the Bag

We know the ogron are going to attack soon because they told us. No one ever said they were smart. Stop them before they do any real harm.

93Combat1 45 min400
Primal Savages

The saberon continue to be a menace to our outpost in Gorgrond. Let's show them why this world isn't named Sabronia.

93Patrol2× 10 45 min400
Safer Up Close

Iron Horde siege weapons are deadly at a distance but vulnerable up close. Targeting their armaments with a small force may prove wise.

93Combat1× 10 60 min400
Steamscar Plunder

The Steamscar of Gorgrond are notorious looters. Let's repossess the valuables for great justice.

93Treasure1 60 min400
All That Glitters

Redistributing wealth from the departed isn't stealing. Trouble is, there's a mighty arakkoan sorcerer who doesn't know it. Do let him know.

94Combat1 45 min500
I See Dead Ogres

The ghosts of ogre sorcerers haunt the Ango'rosh ruins, guarding artifacts forgotten by all others.

94Exploration2× 15 4 hrs600
Leading the Flock

A charismatic high arakkoa priest is inciting his congregation to raid nearby settlements in the name of Terokk. We must defend our allies.

94Combat1× 10 60 min500
Lending a Hand Rare

Shattered Hand raiders do not simply kill, they take trophies from their victims. We know their next target. Stop them.

94Combat3× 15 1.5 hrs750
Shivan Sightings

Shivan have been sighted on the outskirts of Talador. They may be the first wave of a Burning Legion incursion. Investigation is warranted.

94Combat1× 10 60 min500
Stalactite Appetite

A cavern beneath an inhabited section of Talador has become unstable due to the appetite of the goren inside. We must protect those above.

94Combat2× 10 30 min500
The Kaliri Nuisance

A reduced kaliri population would be greatly appreciated by virtually every hero moving about the skies, for all time.

94Patrol2× 10 45 min500
The Mother of All Kaliri

Hen-Mother Hami. She who breeds the swooping terrors of the sky. Find her, subdue her, and restore freedom to the skies.

94Combat3× 20 10 hrs1000
The Needs of the Many

Elementals are chaotic by nature and are best avoided. This elemental has something we need: resources. Make it an offer it cannot refuse.

94Combat1 45 min500
The Plot Thickens Rare

Demons have been skulking about the Court of Souls, and it's not because they enjoy the scenery. Find out what they're plotting.

94Combat3× 20 1.5 hrs750
The Tomb of Lights

Shadow Council pillagers continue to ravage the Auchenai catacombs of the Tomb of Lights.

94Treasure1× 10 60 min500
We Will Fight In the Shadar

The outcast arakkoa were forced to abandon much of their written knowledge and history when the high arakkoa attacked Veil Shadar.

94Exploration2× 15 4 hrs600
A Call to Action

Absolute power corrupts, and that's absolutely the reason we must neutralize this powerful warlock. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

95Combat1× 10 60 min600
Bully-Free Zone

From Azeroth to Draenor, bullies and their cronies remain the same. Please show our new "friends" how we deal with their kind on Azeroth.

95Combat1× 10 30 min600
Demonic Retribution Rare

Agents of the Burning Legion are hunting down refugee draenei from Shattrath. Gather the refugees and take them to safety.

95Combat3× 20 1.5 hrs900
Fields of Sorrow Rare

A farmer claims knowledge of where many of Talador's secrets are hidden, and will share them if we'll help destroy the demons that ruined his land.

95Exploration2× 50 4 hrs600
Flock Together Rare

Arakkoa flocks are looting abandoned draenei homesteads. They're also killing any who try to stop them. That makes them our problem now.

95Combat3× 15 1.5 hrs900
Hapless Heroes

Scouting reports indicate some substandard adventurers are trapped in Deathweb Hollow. I suppose we should lend a hand.

95Patrol2× 10 45 min600
Reagents of Mass Destruction

As it happens, the reagents used by the Shadow Council fetch a handy sum on the black market. We're certain there's a stockpile in Gul'rok.

95Treasure2 60 min600

The Iron Horde's shredders are laying waste to Talador's forests. Bastards. If someone's doing that, it should be our forces.

95Combat1× 10 45 min600
Steeltusk Lives

The Iron Horde have equipped a particularly violent elekk named Steeltusk. Let's make sure this doesn't become more common.

95Combat3× 20 10 hrs1200
There Can Be Only One

The ogron are said to be violence incarnate, but I've heard your allies are called the same. Let's find out who lives up to their hype.

95Combat1× 10 60 min600
Uproot the Problem

Our garrison requires resources, so it's harvest time. Kindly remind this savage plant and its minions why we're atop the food chain.

95Combat1 45 min600
Bad Day at Work Rare

Several laborers have gone missing, and we fear that the arakkoa plan to burn them alive in sacrifice. We must save them!

96Combat3× 20 1.9 hrs1050
Bug Squashing

Ravagers reproduce quickly and eat anything. Like crickets. They're also homicidal and roughly the size of horses. Not like crickets.

96Combat1× 10 1.5 hrs700
Crush the Pale

The Pale are twisted, cowardly wretches, but even scavengers can be deadly in sufficient numbers. Still, that's easily solved, isn't it?

96Combat2× 10 45 min700
Fall From Grace

Many shiny trinkets and precious valuables have been lost in Sethekk Hollow, the place where cursed arakkoa are cast out from Skyreach.

96Exploration2× 15 4 hrs800
Hurts So Good

Shattered Hand orcs embrace pain, for they say it strengthens them. Make them very strong. Then very dead.

96Combat1× 10 1.5 hrs700
Knotty by Nature

An ancient has begun attacking everyone and everything in its path. On a related note, we're currently low on firewood.

96Combat1 60 min700
Murkbog Terror

Scouts report a many-headed beast named Festerbloom waylaying travelers crossing the Murkbog. Clear the path for everyone's sake.

96Combat3× 20 10 hrs1400
Peace unto You Rare

The distressed spirits of fallen Azeroth soldiers have begun to rise. Quickly, let us end their torment.

96Combat3× 15 1.9 hrs1050

The high arakkoa have enslaved their outcast brethren to dig in the apexis excavation site, looking for ancient artifacts. Set the workers free.

96Exploration2× 15 4 hrs800
Raiders of the Lost Shard

The arakkoa have enslaved more outcasts and have resumed their excavation efforts. Another setback for them is in order.

96Patrol2× 10 60 min700
Worth Its Weight

The arakkoa have begun stealing and hoarding gold. Time to steal it back.

96Combat1 60 min700
Ancient of Corruption

Rumors swirl of an ancient gone awry in the undergrowth. Track down this "Shadowbark" and take care of business.

97Combat3× 20 10 hrs1600
Bird Watching Rare

Rumors are swirling that a raid on an Outcast hovel has yielded a particularly interesting map. Intercept the arakkoa before they return to Skyreach!

97Exploration3× 50 6 hrs1000
Blow by Blow

A vicious wind serpent appears to be acting on orders from an unseen master, wearing down our defenses. Seek out and end this threat.

97Combat1× 10 45 min800
Cat Scratch Fever Rare

Some sadistic saberon think the chaos on Draenor means they can butcher innocents without fear of punishment. Disabuse them of that notion.

97Combat3× 15 1.9 hrs1200
Curiosity Killed Them

Saberon have begun attacking with wild abandon. They believe they have nine lives. Prove them wrong.

97Combat1× 10 60 min800
Honey I Got Your Money

Don't you worry. Just make like a bear, get in, get the honey, and get out.

97Treasure2 1.5 hrs800

We think the recent dread raven attacks are connected to the arakkoa. We'll investigate them. You hunt down and kill their minions.

97Combat1 60 min800
Profiting From Profiteers

The goblins of Pinchwhistle *are* the noxious local environment. I see no reason we shouldn't relieve them of some valuables.

97Treasure2 1.5 hrs700
Ryled Up

Our livestock have gone missing. Tracks point to the rylaks. Deal with the threat, but don't take them lightly.

97Combat1× 10 1.5 hrs800
Shattered Expectations Rare

We have intel that a unit of Shattered Hand orcs is en route to assist the Iron Horde in Talador. Too bad they'll never make it.

97Combat3× 20 1.9 hrs1200
The Upper Hand

The Shattered Hand clan is positioned on the Shattered Rise and likely to strike again. Handle it!

97Patrol2× 10 60 min800

Our informants in the Shattered Hand have turned out to be double agents. Set up a covert meeting and eliminate them.

97Combat1× 10 60 min800
Early Mover

We've heard reports that the Steamwheedle Preservation Society is looking to start a dig site at the razed Warsong outpost - why wait for them when you can claim the easy finds now?

98Exploration3× 15 4 hrs1200
Fired Up Rare

Some important Burning Blade orcs wish to discuss battle strategy with Iron Horde leaders. It would be a shame if they never arrived.

98Combat3× 15 2 hrs1350
Flint's Hide

Get it!

98Treasure2 2 hrs900
Forced Eviction

The Steamwheedle Preservation Society management needs the Stonecrag dig site to be an ogre-free zone before their workers will agree to excavate, and have promised a cut of the proceeds if we help out.

98Exploration3× 15 4 hrs1200
Gorging Ogres

The Highmaul ogres have an excavation underway at Stonecrag Gorge. Get in there and extract information about their relics!

98Patrol2× 10 60 min900
Medical Necessity

Our soldiers in the field need medical supplies, but Warsong orcs are patrolling the road. Escort the caravan so it makes its destination.

98Combat1 1.5 hrs900
Mercy Killing

War has ravaged the region's plant life, and the clefthoof don't have enough to eat. We should thin out their numbers before they starve.

98Combat1 1.5 hrs900
Mountain of Spirits

The ancient communal site of Oshu'gun holds offerings from various orc clans. If not for the murderous void elementals unleashed by the pale, it would be a nice place to visit.

98Exploration3× 15 4 hrs1200
Mysteries of Lok-rath Rare

The Warsong clan stationed in Lok-rath is rumored to stockpile some strange form of currency. It may hold some historic significance.

98Exploration1× 10 60 min900
Scared of the Dark Rare

To the south lies Shadowfall Canyon, where wretched creatures are subjucating spirits of Fire, Earth, and Wind. Hopefully, no worse.

98Combat3× 20 2 hrs1350
Spell Check

The cause of our recent communal lethargy has been traced to Highmaul sorcerers. Find them and put an end to their sinister arcane rites.

98Combat2× 10 1.5 hrs900
Surge Protection

Energy-siphoning water spirits are giving our spellcasters fits. Time to bring in reinforcements.

98Combat1× 10 2 hrs900
The Gorian Warmaster

We've isolated the murderous Warmaster Blugthol to a tower within Mar'gok's Overwatch. It's time to take him out.

98Combat3× 20 10 hrs1800
Warsong Swan Song

Warsong shaman have enacted a spell to open an abyss beneath our feet! Kill all of them before the sands in the hourglass run out!

98Combat1× 10 1.5 hrs900
A Way Out Rare

A group of defectors wishes to escape the Iron Horde! Let's clear the way for them.

99Combat3× 15 2 hrs1500
Burning Desire

Burning Blade orcs are attacking treasure hunters at Oshu'gun and looting their crystals. Could they be preparing for some dark ritual?

99Combat2× 10 1.5 hrs1000
Gronn with the Wind

Our scouts have vanished without a trace! They were last seen entering gronn lands. Find out what happened to them.

99Combat1× 10 2 hrs1000
Heart of the Sabermaw

Just north of Grommashar dwell the Sabermaw clan, notorious outpost raiders. Strike out at their leader, Soulfang, and crush their morale.

99Combat3× 20 10 hrs2000
Lug'dol's Thugs

Lug'dol and his nascent brawler thugs are using our supply escorts for combat practice. You know we can't allow this to continue.

99Patrol2× 10 60 min1000

High ogre warriors are in battle array, screaming that they're going to "destroy the interlopers." Do you think they're talking about us?

99Combat1× 10 2 hrs1000
Out of His Element

Enraged, Stonegar has begun attacking shaman near the Throne of the Elements. We must send forces to aid.

99Combat1 1.5 hrs1000
Raider Danger

Warsong orcs have razed our camp to the north, and the lone survivor says they're headed this way. We must repel the invaders!

99Combat1× 10 1.5 hrs1000
Spell Trouble Rare

High ogres are enslaving gronn with pernicious magic, almost doubling the size of their army. We must put an end to the spellcasting.

99Combat3× 20 1.5 hrs1500
The Wolfmother's Pelts

The wolfmother Gar'lua raises the most ferocious of Warsong wolves. Their pelts would dent the Warsong war effort and fetch a tidy sum.

99Treasure2 2 hrs900
A Bird in the Hand

A little bird informed me that the arakkoa of Skyreach have been preying on our forward scouts. Make sure they regret that decision.

100Combat6153× 20 10 hrs1500
A Grave Mistake

The Sargerei and their allies continue their desecration of Auchindoun. I recommend executing our "no traitor left behind alive" policy.

100Combat6303× 30 8 hrs1500
A Rare Flower

A rare lily grows in the waters of Talador. Our alchemists say it is many times more efficient than frostweed.

100Alchemy2× 20 4 hrs1500
A Rune With a View Rare

In the chaos of the battle of Shattrath, the Sargerei absconded with some of the Elemental Runes that Khadgar is looking for.

100Combat3× 75 23.9 hrs1500
Abyssal Core

The white-hot cores of the abyssals assaulting Shattrath could be useful as a compressed fuel source, if we can obtain a few.

100Combat3× 15 4 hrs1500
All Aboard the Fail Boat

Our enemies boast that their massive ship at the Iron Docks cannot be sunk. This crate of shiny new seaforium charges begs to differ.

100Combat6153× 15 8 hrs1500
An Eye for Terror

We need to shut down the legion gateways in operation within Shattrath. Strike out at their vigilant watchful eyes.

100Patrol3× 10 8 hrs1500
Apexis Nexus

Our need for equipment upgrades never ends, take a few of our best to the apexis excavation site.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Arakkoa Ancestry Rare

Some ancient artifacts containing untold knowledge are being jealously guarded by arakkoa out in Spires of Arak.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000

Scouts report that strange figures are lurking near Auchindoun, disturbing the mausoleums. We must destroy anything with even a hint of fel.

100Combat6153× 20 8 hrs1500
Battlefield Scavengers

Scavengers gnaw and pick at the fallen. Kill them so we can do some scavenging of our own.

100Blacksmithing2× 20 4 hrs1500
Beyond the Pale Rare

The Bladefist clan are capturing pale prisoners. We suspect they're looking for the same Elemental Runes as Khadgar.

100Combat3× 75 23.9 hrs1500
Big Hands, Big Swords

Ogre are known to possess massive, thick, and long swords. Disenchanting them makes a tremendous amount of dust.

100Enchanting3× 20 6 hrs1500
Birds of Pray

We would like to leave the vicious arakkoa alone, but capturing their temple in the Spires of Arak would give us a strategic advantage.

100Combat3× 15 8 hrs1500