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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Moongraze Linked Boots
8Feet The Great Moongraze Hunt Mail
Perrine's Boots
94Feet Mail
Polished Scale Boots
2722FeetVendor Mail
Primal Boots
1Feet Mail
Primal Boots
1Feet Mail
Ringing Boots
6Feet Missing Mallet Mail
Rugged Trapper's Boots
1FeetUnobtainable Mail
Rusted Chain Boots
5FeetVendor Mail
Rusty-Chain Galoshes
10Feet Princess Must Die! Mail
Salvaged Chain Boots
105FeetVendor Mail
Scalemail Boots
2217FeetVendor Mail
Scout's Boots
1Feet Mail
Shimmerweed Brewer Treads
6Feet The Perfect Stout Mail
Snow Stomping Boots
5Feet Mail
Spitescale Stompers
5Feet An Ancient Enemy Mail
Steadfast Greaves
5Feet By Blood and Ash Mail
Tarnished Chain Boots
5FeetVendor Mail
Trackless Boots
8Feet Supervisor Fizsprocket Mail
Trapper's Boots
1Feet Mail
Treads of Brill
9Feet The Grasp Weakens Mail
Unadorned Chain Boots
5FeetVendor Mail
Vault Cracker Boots
5Feet The Great Bank Heist Mail
Veteran Boots
149FeetLooted, Fished Mail
Vile Greaves
4Feet Vile Familiars Mail
Waders of Bravery
9Feet Evil from the Seas Mail
War Torn Greaves
138FeetLooted Mail
Warder's Boots
1Feet Mail
Warrior's Boots
105FeetLooted Mail
Weed-Flattening Greatboots
8Feet Weed Whacker Mail
Well-Worn Raider Treads
9Feet It's Raid Night Every Night Mail
Clammy Mail Boots
8780FeetLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Boots
5867FeetLooted Mail
Crumbling Chain Sabatons
108100FeetLooted, Fished Mail
Double Mail Boots
3227FeetLooted Mail
Eroded Mail Boots
5861FeetLooted Mail
Fel-Corroded Sabatons
108100FeetLooted Mail
Flimsy Chain Boots
3FeetLooted Mail
Frigid Mail Boots
8077FeetLooted, Skinned Mail
Grime-Fouled Mail Boots
10490FeetLooted Mail
Icy Mail Boots
8071FeetLooted Mail
Inferior Mail Boots
10087FeetLooted Mail
Laced Mail Boots
2015FeetLooted Mail
Laminated Scale Boots
5348FeetLooted Mail
Linked Chain Boots
2116FeetLooted Mail
Loose Chain Boots
94FeetLooted Mail
Moist Mail Boots
10085FeetLooted Mail
Overlinked Chain Boots
4641FeetLooted Mail
Reinforced Chain Boots
2722FeetLooted Mail
Ripped Mail Boots
10090FeetLooted Mail
Rust-Encrusted Sabatons
108100FeetLooted, Fished Mail
Shoddy Chain Boots
3FeetLooted Mail
Sooty Mail Boots
10082FeetLooted Mail
Sterling Chain Boots
5860Feet Mail
Thin-Soled Fiend Slayer Boots
117110FeetLooted Mail
Two-Toed Warboots
108100FeetLooted Mail
Worn Mail Boots
138FeetLooted Mail