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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Ossein Scale Gauntlets
10050Hands Mail
Osul Peak Gauntlets
38Hands The Endless Swarm Mail
Outrigger Gloves
50HandsQuest Mail
Outrigger Graspers
50Hands Hold Still Mail
Outrigger Grips
50Hands Hold My Hand Mail
Outrigger Handguards
50HandsQuest Mail
Outrigger Strikers
50HandsQuest Mail
Outrunner's Gloves
127HandsLooted Mail
Overseer's Handguards
16Hands Windshear Mine Cleanup Mail
Packrunner Gauntlets
4440HandsLooted Mail
Phalanx Gauntlets
1912HandsLooted Mail
Pillager's Gloves
2013HandsLooted Mail
Pirate Sinker's Gauntlets
22HandsQuest Mail
Plainstrider Handguards
5Hands Preparation for Ceremony Mail
Prankster's Fingers
27Hands Yetiphobia Mail
Pratt's Handcrafted Gauntlets
24Hands The Mark of Quality Mail
Princess Zoe's Old Hunting Gloves
26Hands High Chief Winterfall Mail
Protective Field Gloves
6HandsUnobtainable Mail
Protector Gauntlets
2620HandsLooted Mail
QR 9867 Hunter Gloves
105Hands Mail
Quilboar Linked Gauntlets
6Hands Consumed by Hatred Mail
Radiant Gloves
2822HandsCrafted Mail
Raider's Gauntlets
117HandsLooted Mail
Rash Gloves
23Hands Ix'lar the Underlord Mail
Ravager Scale Grips
12Hands Clearing the Way Mail
Ravager's Handwraps
2215Hands Grimtotem Marauder Mail
Ravascale Gloves
5850HandsLooted Mail
Ravenchain Gauntlets
43Hands Declawing The Bloodmane Mail
Ravensun Gloves
21Hands Combat Training Mail
Reefwalker Handlers
5850Hands Mail
Renegade Gauntlets
2013HandsLooted Mail
Resilient Outcast's Gauntlets
50HandsQuest Mail
Resilient Outcast's Gloves
50Hands The Source of the Problem Mail
Resilient Outcast's Grasps
50Hands Dead Men Tell No Tales Mail
Resilient Outcast's Handguards
50HandsQuest Mail
Resilient Outcast's Handlers
50Hands The Great Cranium Caper Mail
5040Hands Mail
Ridgehunter Gauntlets
33Hands WANTED: Gigantaur Mail
Rockhandler's Gloves
34Hands A Timeworn Coffer Mail
Runed Copper Gauntlets
63HandsCrafted Mail
Sapper's Gloves
106Hands Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Sarjun Gauntlets
37Hands Profit Mastery Mail
Sarjun Handwraps
37Hands Why So Serious? Mail
Sassy Grippers
18Hands If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around... Mail
Saurboz's Handwraps
16Hands Barrier to Entry Mail
Saurok Gauntlets
3731HandsLooted Mail
Saurok Scale Grips
6050Hands Mail
Saurscale Gloves
5940Hands Mail
Saurscale Gloves
5040Hands Mail
Savage Bonemauler Gloves
10050Hands Mail
Savage Handguards
19Hands Stranglethorn Fever Mail
Scaled Draenic Gloves
3025HandsCrafted Mail
Scaled Gloves of the Serpent
6Hands Sisters of the Sea Mail
Scalewing Gloves
31Hands Ride the Lightning Mail
Scarlet Gauntlets
2114Hands Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Scavenger's Chain Gauntlets
37Hands Mail
Scavenger's Ringmail Gauntlets
37Hands Mail
Sea Stalker's Gloves
5040HandsLooted Mail
Seaspeaker Gloves
32Hands A Visit to the Curator Mail
Seaspray Gauntlets
44Hands Their Dying Breaths Mail
Seedhandler's Soft Grips
11Hands The Seeds of Life Mail
Sentry's Gloves
1710HandsLooted Mail
Shark-Link Gloves
44Hands Hit the Books Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Mitts
42Hands Aruumel's Rest Mail
Sha'tari Marksman's Gloves
31Hands The Fallen Exarch Mail
Shimmerscale Gauntlets
5245HandsCrafted Mail
Shimmerscale Gauntlets
5245Hands Mail
Shoveltusk Gauntlets
3328HandsLooted Mail
Shrinebreaker Gloves
5040Hands Mail
Silencer's Gauntlets
36Hands Fight Fire and Water and Air with... Mail
Silithid Scale Gloves
27Hands The Fledgling Colossus Mail
Silvered Bronze Gauntlets
1710HandsCrafted Mail
Singleton Gauntlets
19Hands Futile Resistance Mail
Skettis Gauntlets
3226HandsLooted Mail
Skom Gloves
3227HandsLooted Mail
Skyhorn Gloves
5040Hands Mail
Slayer's Gloves
1811HandsLooted Mail
Snake Gauntlets
3732HandsLooted Mail
Snarlthorn Gauntlets
4239HandsLooted Mail
Soldier's Gauntlets
106HandsLooted Mail
Soothing Wraps
15Hands For Peat's Sake Mail
Soul Hunter's Gloves
8548Hands Finders-Keepers, Sinners-Weepers Mail
Soul Hunter's Grips
8548Hands Mail
Southfury Gauntlets
3529HandsLooted Mail
Sparkleshell Gauntlets
2114HandsLooted Mail
Sparkproof Gauntlets
12Hands Incendicite Ore Mail
Sparring Trainer's Gloves
8548Hands Assessing Your Spirit Mail
Spectral Gauntlets
3530HandsLooted Mail
Spiderlord Gauntlets
3529HandsLooted Mail
Spiked Chain Gauntlets
1610HandsLooted Mail
Spiked Magmoth Gloves
32HandsQuest Mail
Spirestrider Gauntlets
4238HandsLooted Mail
Spritescale Gloves
2114HandsCrafted Mail
Squadron Leader's Gloves
36Hands Pressing Forward Mail
Starbreeze Gauntlets
6Hands Timely Arrival Mail
Starfish Gauntlets
35Hands A Pearl of Wisdom Mail
Steadfast Gloves
2214HandsLooted Mail
Steelscale Gloves
10050Hands Mail
Steppe Gauntlets
3732HandsLooted Mail
Stonemaul Gauntlets
22Hands Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern Mail