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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Greenhorn's Gauntlets
29Hands Mail
Grips of Fanatical Zealotry
20Hands The Shell of Shadra Mail
Grips of Fanatical Zealotry
20Hands The Shell of Shadra Mail
Grips of the Forsaken
17Hands Alina's Reward Mail
Grips of the Lightning Fast Assasin
12Hands Lightning Strike Assassination Mail
Grips of the Weary
18Hands Stromgarde Badges Mail
Gronnling Gauntlets
3935HandsLooted Mail
Grunt's Handwraps
138HandsLooted Mail
Gryphon Mail Gauntlets
2518HandsLooted Mail
Guiding Gloves of the Seer
33Hands Imprints on the Past Mail
Gunner's Grips
5Hands The Pride of Kezan Mail
Gutrip Gauntlets
35Hands Fresh Bait Mail
Hammerfall Gauntlets
18Hands Guile of the Raptor Mail
Handguards of Extermination
33Hands Therapy Mail
Hands of Unfocused Rage
11Hands Hezrul Bloodmark Mail
Hatchling Gloves
4Hands Surrender or Else! Mail
Headshrinker's Grips
6050Hands Mail
Heartbonded Gauntlets
1610Hands Mail
Heavy Scale Gauntlets
1811HandsCrafted Mail
Heavy Scorpid Gauntlets
2821HandsCrafted Mail
Hero's Gauntlets
2923HandsLooted Mail
Highland Gauntlets
4036HandsLooted Mail
Highperch Gauntlets
3631HandsLooted Mail
Hillstride Gauntlets
4440HandsLooted Mail
Hiri'watha Gauntlets
3630HandsLooted Mail
Hornstrider's Gloves
20060Hands Mail
Huangtze Scale Gauntlets
37Hands Mail
Hulking Gauntlets
149HandsLooted Mail
Humble Aspirant's Gauntlets
8548Hands Tough Love Mail
Humble Aspirant's Handguards
8548Hands Mail
Ice Cream Mitts
22Hands We All Scream for Ice Cream... and then Die! Mail
Imbued Infantry Gauntlets
53HandsLooted Mail
Impenetrable Gauntlets
2822Hands Twilight Avenger Mail
Incendosaur Gloves
25Hands The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard Mail
Ingot-Handler Grips
14Hands The Mosshide Job Mail
Ironbranded Gauntlets
44Hands Mail
Ironhide Gauntlets
2720Hands Un'Goro Gorilla Mail
Ironpatch Handguards
20Hands Drive-By Piracy Mail
Ironspine Gloves
3126HandsLooted Mail
Isle Watcher's Grips
5040Hands Mail
Jade Guardian's Gauntlets
1310Hands Mail
Jade Witch Gauntlets
37Hands Mail
Jade Witch Handguards
37Hands Mail
Jangdor's Handcrafted Gauntlets
24Hands The Mark of Quality Mail
Jazeraint Gauntlets
2215HandsLooted Mail
Junior Technician 3rd Grade Gloves
31Hands You're Hired! Mail
Kaulslayer Grips
36Hands Fight Fire and Water and Air with... Mail
Keeper's Touch
34Hands Returned Sevenfold Mail
Khan's Gloves
2417HandsLooted Mail
Knight's Gauntlets
2114HandsLooted Mail
Lakeshire Handwraps
10Hands Surveying Equipment Mail
Lambent Scale Gloves
1710HandsLooted Mail
Leafscale Gauntlets
4135Hands Mail
Ley Dragoon's Gloves
5040HandsLooted Mail
Light Scale Gloves
64HandsCrafted Mail
Linkers of the Unending Tale
18Hands Saving Yenniku Mail
Lord's Gauntlets
2620HandsLooted Mail
Lovely Gloves
22HandsQuest Mail
Maddening Gauntlets
27Hands Mail
Magnificent Gauntlets
2923HandsLooted Mail
Mail Combat Gauntlets
2013HandsLooted Mail
Mammoth Fists
3428HandsLooted Mail
Manaburst Grips
5040Hands Mail
Marauder's Gauntlets
2113HandsLooted Mail
Mardum Chain Gloves
5040HandsLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Gloves
3125HandsLooted Mail
Masterwork Gauntlets
2924HandsLooted Mail
Mawsworn Scout's Grips
20060Hands Mail
Merciless Gauntlets
2721Hands Mail
Mercurial Gauntlets
2923HandsLooted Mail
Mismatched Mail Gloves
39Hands Mail
Mithril Scale Gloves
2417HandsCrafted Mail
Mizzy's Gauntlets
19Hands Batteries Not Yet Included Mail
Mountain Gauntlets
3833HandsLooted Mail
Mountainscaler Chain Gauntlets
3733Hands Mail
Mountainscaler Ringmail Gauntlets
3733Hands Mail
Mrrglurggl Grips
6050Hands Mail
Muckdweller Handguards
11Hands Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform Mail
Mud's Chain Boots
21Hands Hungry as an Ogre! Mail
Murkblood Oven Mitts
31HandsQuest Mail
Myrmidon's Gauntlets
2519HandsLooted Mail
Nath'raxxan Gloves
5040Hands Mail
Nazferiti Gauntlets
3529HandsLooted Mail
Nerubian Gloves
3227HandsCrafted Mail
Netherstalker Gloves
3024HandsLooted Mail
Netherstorm Gauntlets
3227HandsLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Gloves
3025HandsLooted Mail
Nifflevar Gloves
3227HandsLooted Mail
Nimblefinger Scaled Gloves
32HandsQuest Mail
Njord Gauntlets
3227HandsLooted Mail
Nose Thumber Gloves
24Hands Dead Man's Chest Mail
Obsidian Combatant's Adamant Gauntlets
33070Hands Mail
Obsidian Dracthyr Battlegear Grips
20058Hands Mail
Obsidian Dracthyr Battlegear Grips
13258Hands Mail
Ohn'ahran Falconer's Grips
35060Hands Mail
Ointment-Coated Handwraps
7Hands In Fungus We Trust Mail
Orca Fists
3327HandsLooted Mail
Ornate Gauntlets
2822HandsLooted Mail
Ossein Scale Gauntlets
10050Hands Mail
Osul Peak Gauntlets
38Hands The Endless Swarm Mail