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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Flame-Tested Chestguard
33Chest Into the Breach Mail
Freedom-Path Treads
33Feet Trolls Is Gone Crazy! Mail
Gauntlets of the Great Sacrifice
33Hands Precious Elemental Fluids Mail
Gauntlets of the Secret Agent
33Hands Infiltrating Voltarus Mail
Ghostridden Waistguard
33Waist Steady as a Rock? Mail
Gossamer-Stained Grips
33Hands Ruuna's Request Mail
Guiding Gloves of the Seer
33Hands Imprints on the Past Mail
Handguards of Extermination
33Hands Therapy Mail
Helm of Spirit Links
33Head Subject to Interpretation Mail
Helm of Subtle Whispers
33Head So Far, So Bad Mail
Helm of the Furbolg Purifier
33HeadQuest Mail
Hide-Lined Chestguard
33ChestQuest Mail
Huntsman's Jerkin
33Chest Clipping Their Wings Mail
Ice Heart Chestguard
33Chest Really Big Worm Mail
Iceshear Bindings
33WristsQuest Mail
Iceshear Pauldrons
33ShouldersQuest Mail
Leggings of the Ritual
33Legs Bringing Down Heb'Jin Mail
Legguards of Refuted Feudalism
33LegsQuest Mail
Legguards of Swift Pursuit
33LegsQuest Mail
Legguards of Unerring Navigation
33Legs Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure Mail
Paingiver Wristguards
33WristsQuest Mail
Patched Trapper Pauldrons
33ShouldersQuest Mail
Plane-Shifted Boots
33Feet Voices From the Dust Mail
Polished Staghorn Helm
33Head Drak'aguul's Mallet Mail
Redigested Mail Scraps
33Wrists Feedin' Da Goolz Mail
Rescuer's Binding
33Waist Leave No One Behind Mail
Rescuer's Chestguard
33Chest Parachutes for the Argent Crusade Mail
Ridgehunter Chestguard
33Chest WANTED: Dreadtalon Mail
Ridgehunter Gauntlets
33Hands WANTED: Gigantaur Mail
Ritualistic Shoulderguards
33Shoulders Hell Hath a Fury Mail
Rodent-Proof Headguard
33Head Let Them Not Rise! Mail
Serrated Chain Links
33Waist Harp on This! Mail
Sharkdiver's Bracers
33Wrists Slay Loguhn Mail
Sharkdiver's Leggings
33Legs Meat on the Hook Mail
Short-Circuiting Boots
33FeetQuest Mail
Shoulderguards of Subterfuge
33Shoulders Sabotage Mail
Shoulderpads of Imminent Disaster
33Shoulders Put on Your Best Face for Loken Mail
Star's Rest Treads
33FeetQuest Mail
Tightened Chainmesh Boots
33Feet Something That Doesn't Melt Mail
Trailbreaker's Spaulders
33ShouldersQuest Mail
Valiant Belt of Battle
33Waist Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving! Mail
Verdant Hunter's Guise
33Head That Which Creates Can Also Destroy Mail
Verdant Linked Boots
33Feet The Plume of Alystros Mail
Westwind Shoulderguards
33ShouldersQuest Mail
Westwind Waistband
33WaistQuest Mail
Whip-Stitched Wristguards
33Wrists Dun-da-Dun-tah! Mail
Wristguard of the Tormented Soul
33WristsQuest Mail
Wristguards of Service
33Wrists Pa'Troll Mail
Wyrmchaser's Waistguard
33WaistQuest Mail
Wyrmfire Gloves
33HandsQuest Mail
Wyrmfire Links
33Chest On Ruby Wings Mail
Cataclysm Helm
32HeadVendor Mail
Archery Belt of the Broken
32WaistLooted Mail
Ar'tor's Mainstay
32Hands The Cipher of Damnation - The Third Fragment Recovered Mail
Auchenai Boots
32Feet Into the Heart of the Labyrinth Mail
Auchenai Bracers
32Wrists The Soul Devices Mail
Belt of Flowing Thought
32WaistLooted Mail
Earthwarden's Coif
32HeadUnobtainable Mail
Gauntlets of Desolation
32HandsLooted Mail
Gauntlets of the Redeemed Vindicator
32Hands Deathblow to the Legion Mail
Greaves of Spellpower
32Feet Turning Point Mail
Helm of Desolation
32HeadLooted Mail
Laughing Skull Battle-Harness
32ChestLooted Mail
Malefactor's Eyepatch
32HeadQuest Mail
Mantle of the Sea Wolf
32ShouldersLooted Mail
Mask of Inner Fire
32HeadLooted Mail
Mistshroud Tunic
32ChestLooted Mail
Outland Striders
32FeetLooted Mail
Pauldrons of Desolation
32ShouldersLooted Mail
Pauldrons of Wild Magic
32ShouldersLooted Mail
Primal Surge Bracers
32WristsLooted Mail
Rune-Engraved Belt
32WaistQuest Mail
Shamanistic Helmet of Second Sight
32HeadQuest Mail
Shard Encrusted Breastplate
32ChestLooted Mail
Shattrath's Champion Belt
32Waist How to Break Into the Arcatraz Mail
Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight
32HeadQuest Mail
Stillwater Girdle
32WaistLooted Mail
Sunfury Legguards
32LegsQuest Mail
Telaari Hunting Girdle
32WaistLooted Mail
Tidefury Chestpiece
32ChestLooted Mail
Void Slayer's Tunic
32Chest Dimensius the All-Devouring Mail
Wavefury Boots
32FeetLooted Mail
Worldfire Chestguard
32ChestLooted Mail
World's End Bracers
32WristsLooted Mail
Appointed Scalemail Leggings
32LegsQuest Mail
Azure Chain Hauberk
32ChestQuest Mail
Banded Chain Gloves
32HandsQuest Mail
Battle-Mage's Helmet
32Head The Sigil of Krasus Mail
Binder's Links
32Chest The Culler Cometh Mail
Blackened Chain Greaves
32FeetQuest Mail
Blood-Stained Chain Leggings
32Legs Dragonflayer Battle Plans Mail
Bone Studded Girdle
32Waist Emblem of the Fel Horde Mail
Boots of the Skybreaker
32Feet Enraged Spirits of Air Mail
Cauterizing Chain Leggings
32Legs Saragosa's End Mail
Cauterizing Chain Strand
32Waist Keep the Secret Safe Mail
Chestguard of the Stormspire
32Chest Surveying the Ruins Mail
Chilled Mail Boots
32FeetQuest Mail
Cold-Iron Armbands
32Wrists Root Causes Mail
Cowpoke's Riding Gloves
32Hands When the Cows Come Home Mail
Crimson Mail Bracers
32Wrists Building a Perimeter Mail